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- Love on the Kink Coast -

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For Fvck's Sake

Fvck, CA. lives between the empowerment of wearing clothes that speak to you and celebrating the pleasures of taking them off! Our designs are inspired by the magic of sex – after all, what could be more fun than self-discovery while feeling damn good about yourself? 

This brand is a Thank You to the Fetish community that believes in having a good time, living life to its fullest, and celebrates being unapologetically themselves. I’ve lived my life up and down this state; California raised me, groomed me, and fucked me harder than anything else in my life! 

My inspiration and dreams came from my experiences and the people I've met on the West Coast. Fvck, California is a place where you have the freedom to love yourself while finding yourself!

For Fvck's sake, let's have some fun! 

- Gage Lennox