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In Fvck, CA. the party lives on. We carry unique products for yourself and your at-home dungeon. Explore our catalog, and discover something new that complements your look. Even find your next favorite pillow to bite down on when the action gets rough!

Our Story

It all started with designs, so many concepts I had saved throughout the years. I began to wonder what their story was, what is the vibe that connects the imagery? What is the brand I feel in my heart, but can’t form together with words?

One night I was watching some sexy music visuals on YouTube and saw a collection of Palm Trees dancing with the music. It spoke to me, it smacked me in the face, the idea that my vibe is very ‘Fuck-California.’

It was my truth, I couldn’t be anything else even if I tried, all my creative thoughts all these years have always been Fvck, CA.

I’ve lived my life up and down this state. It raised me, groomed me, and fucked me harder than anything else in my life. My inspiration and dreams came from my experiences and the people I've met on the West Coast. 

Fvck, CA. is a fictional city in the state of California.

It’s a safe and sexy place for me and my friends to live. San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs...  I have so many friends in all those cities, they all feel like home to me. My creativity can find love and include my complete family inside this fictional city. It’s the perfect city: free-loving, kink positive, no AIDS, no Covid, the party truly never stops in Fvck, CA. Every day is a new story to be told, a new playground to explore, a new way to keep my community close. 

- Gage Lennox